Intersections of algebra, geometry, and informatics

Průniky algebry, geometrie a informatiky

Charles University Research Center program No. UNCE/24/SCI/022 (internal: 301–44/204087)

The aim of the project is to support junior scientists working in the intersections of algebra, geometry, and informatics. The project starts 1 Jan 2024 and ends 31 Dec 2029, at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University




  • Ondřej Ježil
  • Mykyta Narusevych
  • Yifan Zhang
  • Phoebe MacDougall
  • Yagmur Sak
  • Chiara Sava
  • Filippo Spaggiari
  • Om Prakash
  • Bryant Rosado Silva
  • Frederik Ďalak
  • Aaron Kettner
  • Martin Zika
  • Dominick Beck
  • Iva Karafiátová
  • Martina Petráková

Grant Manager:


Filip Bočinec, Stanislav Nagy (2024). Conditions for equality in Anderson’s theorem, Statistics & Probability Letters, Volume 209, 110094, ISSN 0167–7152,