The following Wi-Fi networks are available in the Karlín building:

Useful information:

Wi-Fi network eduroam

The eduroam network is intended for university students and staff (and can also be used by students and staff at other institutions involved in the eduroam.cz project). Rules for users of the eduroam network:

Before connecting to the eduroam network for the first time, you need to set up a password for the network in CAS (University "Central Authentication Service"):

  1. Log in to CAS.
  2. In the left menu click on "Other accounts" and then "Set password for eduroam realm cuni.cz".
  3. At the top of the page it will tell you what login to use for eduroam (number@cuni.cz), and below that are the boxes to set the password.

Connecting your computer to the eduroam Wi-Fi network is then easy:

If your computer's operating system requires any other technical data to be set up for the connection, the security type used is: PEAP and MSCHAPv2. If you have trouble setting it up, check the manuals for the various operating systems (including those for mobile devices): How to connect to eduroam. Also check that you have set the correct date and time on your device (too much time difference can cause the connection to not work).

For security reasons, traffic on the eduroam Karlin network is limited to the most common network services: web, e-mail, FTP, SSH, VPN (see Technical Requirements of eduroam (Czech), section 3.10). In addition, the following network services/ports are allowed:

If you need something special to work, please contact one of the administrators of the Karlín computer network.

Wi-Fi network msekce-guest

The msekce-guest network is intended for those guests of School of Mathematics staff who do not have a contractual relationship with university (i.e. do not have a CAS account). To connect to this network, please contact one of the administrators of the Karlín computer network.

Connecting your computer to the msekce-guest Wi-Fi network is then easy:

The other properties (EAP/MSCHAPv2 security, restrictions except for the most common services) are the same as for the eduroam network.