Information about the computer network in Karlín

The following administrators take care of the network and computer services in Karlín:

Name Contact (office, phone, e-mail) Main responsibility
Jaroslav Richter K381, 95155 3206, user support, user account creation, computer registration
Martin Trčka K381, 95155 3237, computer classrooms
Oldřich Ulrych K387, 95155 3216, network and servers

(If you are not sure who to contact, please contact any of the people above and we will pass on the information.)

Computer services for students

Computer services for faculty, staff, PhD students, guests

Note on security (phishing)

None of the Karlín administrators need to know the password to your account, and they certainly won't ask for it via email. So if you receive an email asking you to provide or enter your login credentials on some (dubious) website (or else all your data will be blocked or deleted within 24 hours), it will most likely be a phishing scam.

The only exception to this is the university's CAS system, which reminds users once a year that their password will expire in 14 days and that they should change it at But with the administrator J. Richter or O. Ulrych, you can also change the expired password (or at least extend its validity).

If you are in doubt whether an e-mail message is genuine or whether it is a scam, feel free to contact us (the administrator).