For students

The Mathematics bachelor program offers three-year bachelor programs aimed at preparing for a master's degree, practice or pedagogical career.

Studying mathematics will teach you not to be afraid of seemingly complex problems. You will be able to decompose them into simpler parts, gradually overcome them and compose from them solutions to the original problem. You will acquire the ability of precise analytical thinking and sharpen the ability of logical deduction. It is these abilities that employers value most about our graduates.

Only a small number of our graduates become scientists or university educators and are engaged exclusively in mathematics during their professional lives. Most graduates choose a practical career in another field where they use their knowledge of mathematics and logical thinking skills.

This makes their application extremely diverse. Our graduates work in banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, do business, solve complex problems for large international companies, analyze and program complicated computing systems, or do business. You can meet graduates in mathematics almost anywhere. They are often more successful in their new field than the people who originally studied it.

Within the bachelor's degree program we offer the following specialization:

General mathematics

Our flagship. In the first two years you will gain the fundamentals of higher mathematics that are needed in both theoretical and applied fields of mathematics. You will study mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry, fundamentals of numerical mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics.

Mathematics for information technology

Modern attractive program on the border of mathematics and computer science, which will prepare for follow-up studies and for leaving for practice.

Financial Mathematics

Popular practically focused program with a long tradition. You will study the fundamentals of mathematics supplemented with courses providing applied knowledge in finance, banking and insurance.

Study information system