Prof. RNDr. Petr Kratochvíl, DrSc.

phone: (+420) 95155 1364
room: F142
address: Ke Karlovu 5, Prague 2, 121 16


Professional career

1963 CSc., disertation work: Segregation of impurities during the solidification of zinc alloys

1973 Doc., work of habilitation: Strengthening of hexagonal metals by glide in basal plane

1983 DrSc., disertation work: Mechanical properties of substitutional solid solution based on f.c.c. metals

1986 Prof., branch: Solid state physics


International cooperation and stays abroad

1964/65 6 months British Council scholarship:  electron microscopy in the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, England

1968/69 12 months scholarship of the Humbold Foundation, Institute für Metal Physik, University of Göttingen, Deutschland and further stays during 1990-94

2004 – 2016 intensive cooperation on the research on iron aluminides with MPI für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, Deutschland


Scientific activities


Significant recent publications

[1] P. Kratochvíl,  S. Daniš, J. Pešička, P. Minárik and R. Král: Fe3Al iron aluminides alloyed with high concentrations of V and Cr: their structure and high temperature strength, 2018, Metallurgical and Materials Trans.A, vol. 49 , pp. 6046-6O51

[2] P. Kratochvíl,  S. Daniš, P. Minárik, J. Pešička and R. Král: Strengthening of Fe3Al aluminides by one or two solute elements, 2017, Metallurgical and Materials Trans.A, vol. 48 , pp. 4135-4139

[3] P.Kratochvíl, M. Švec and V. Vodičková: The effect of low concentrations Nb and C on the structure and high-temperature strength of Fe3Al aluminide: 2017, Metallurgical and Materials Trans.A, vol. 48 , pp. 4093-4096

[4] F. Dobeš, J. Pešička, P.Kratochvíl: Creep of Fe3Al-based alloys with vanadium and carbon additions: Intermetallics vol.74 (2016), pp. 60-64

[5] P. Kratochvíl, V. Vodičková, R. Král, M. Švec:The effect of Laves phase (Fe,Al)2Zr on the high-temperature strength of carbon-alloyed Fe3Al aluminide: 2016, Metallurgical and Materials Trans.A, vol. 47 , pp. 1128-1131

Complete list of publications: Orcid or Scopus