Deformation tests

The Department is equipped with three universal testing machines INSTRON (models 5582, 1186, and 1195, operating in a strain- or load-controlled regime, at temperatures from -150 °C up to 1200 °C) for performing mechanical tests and a new (2018) INSTRON ElectroPuls 10000 Linear/Torsion test instrument designed for dynamic (up to 100 Hz) and static testing.

Furthermore, the mechanical testing stage MTI SEMtester 1000 is available for in-situ tensile, compression, fatigue or bend testing of specimens in Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM).

The mechanical tests performed at the Department can be coupled with a unique combination of in-situ acoustic emission and ultra-high-speed digital image correlation techniques.


Contact: RNDr. Ing. Michal Knapek, Ph.D.