Ultra-high-speed imaging + DIC

An exclusive ultra-high-speed digital image correlation (DIC) system capable of capturing extremely rapid processes, such as mechanical twinning, is available at the Department, consisting of (i) top-level PHOTRON FastCam SA-Z 2100K which can be triggered by the acoustic emission (or other external) signal and is capable of recording 2.1 million fps, with ISO of 50,000, electronic shutter of 159 ns, and internal RAM of 128 GB, (ii) Questar QM-100 Long-Distance Microscope (adjustable working distance, resolution down to 1.1 µm), (iii) 2x UHS MultiLED illumination with camera fps synchronization unit, and (iv) ISTRA4D professional DIC software.

INSTRON ElectroPuls 10000 Linear/Torsion test instrument is further fitted with an integrated DIC system consisting of standard professional DIC camera and DIC Replay software.


Contact: RNDr. Ing. Michal Knapek, Ph.D.