Prof. RNDr. Pavel Lukáč, DrSc.

phone: (+420) 95155 1366
room: F144
address: Ke Karlovu 5, Prague 2, 121 16


Professional career

  • 1958 - University diploma in Physics of Condensed Matter, Charles University, Prague
  • 1966 - Candidatus scientiarum (PhD), Experimental Physics, Charles University, Prague
  • 1973 - Associate Professor in Physics, Charles University, Prague
  • 1981 - Professor in Physics, Charles University, Prague
  • 1983 - Doctor scientiarum (DrSc), Charles University, Prague
  • 1998 - Doctor honoris causa (Dr. h. c.), University of Zilina, Zilina

Scientific activities

Current scientific interests

  • complex study of mechanical and physical properties of metallic materials
  • substitution hardening of hexagonal metals in the wide temperature range from 1.5 K to 400 K
  • thermally activated processes
  • microstructure and physical properties of magnesium alloys and composites - temperature dependence of yield stress; hardening and softening during deformation; thermal conductivity and the coefficient of thermal expansion; internal dumping; temperature stability
  • plastic instabilities - twinning, Portevin/Le Chatellier effect
  • submicrocrystalline and nanocrystalline materials - alloys and composites

Membership in scientific societies

  • European Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Executive of the Federation of European Material Societies
  • Metals Science Society (MSS) of the Czech Republic / Deputy Chairman of the Principal Committee
  • Czech Society of New Materials and New Technologies - Member fo the Executive Committee
  • Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists (JČMF)
  • Physical Scientific Section (FVS) of JČMF

Organisation of conferences and other activities

  • Chairman of the Conferences ISPMA 1 to 8 (International Symposium on Plasticity of Metals and Alloys)
  • Member of International Committees of 18 international conferences in 2000 to 2004
  • Member of the International Conference on Materials Structure and Micromechanics of Fracture, June 23-25, 2004, Brno
  • Honorary Chairman of the conference ISPMA 10 (International Symposium on Physics of Materials), Praha 2005
  • Chairperson of the international conference EUROMAT, Prague 2005
  • Expert for University and Scientific Research of the Italian Ministry of Education
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Physics of Materials of the Academy of Sciences of the CR

Membership in editorial boards

  • Metallic Materials (since 1994)
  • Materials Science Forum (since 1996)
  • Acta Universitatis Carolinae (since 1990)
  • Material engineering (since 1998)
  • Europhysics Letters (1986-1993)


  • State prize for scientific work (1983)
  • The prize of the Minister of Education and the Gold medal for the best university textbook (1994)
  • The Medal of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education for the best university textbook (1994)
  • Gold medal of Masaryk= s University (1985)
  • Honorary Medal of Charles University (1978)
  • Silver Medal of Charles University (1985)
  • Gold Medal of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Comenius University (1985)
  • Gold honorary medal of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1987)
  • Scientific Award of Alexander von Humbold (1995)

International co-operation and projects

  • Institut für Werkstoffkunde und Werkstofftechnik, Technische Universität Clausthal (Clausthal, Germany): Prof. Dr. W. Riehemann
  • GKSS Forschungszentrum GmbH, (Geesthacht, Germany): Prof. Dr. K.U. Kainer
  • Department of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA): Prof. Dr. T.G. Langdon