doc. PhDr. RNDr. Josef Stráský, Ph.D.

phone: (+420) 95155 1622
room: F116
address: Ke Karlovu 5, Prague 2, 121 16


Professional career

Stays abroad

Scientific interests

Titanium alloys are the principal field of my research activities. Study in the physics of titanium alloys involves investigation of microstructure, thermomechanical treatment, phase transformations, mechanical properties and also applications of titanium alloys, namely in medicine.

A young research team is currently working in this field at the Department of Physics of Materials. We are proud of our current cooperation with other Departments at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; with several institutes of Czech Academy of Sciences; top foreign research teams (USA, Germany, Russia) and also Czech company Beznoska Ltd. dealing in body implants.

Our team welcomes any international cooperation considering titanium alloys and their applications.


Student theses

I offer bachelor, diploma and doctoral thesis in the field of titanium alloys. The theses are usually experimentally oriented, however, a thesis in modeling in the field of materials science can be also offered.  Ph. D. students from abroad are welcome. Master students are expected to present their results at international conferences and continuation on the doctoral programs is recommended.


Research fellowships


Research projects

GAČR 21-18652M (Junior Star, Czech Science Foundation), 2021 – 2025

GAČR 19-11275S (Czech Science Foundation), 2019 – 2021

GAČR 17-20700Y (Czech Science Foundation), 2017 – 2019

GAUK 158213 (Grant Agency of Charles University, supervision of several projects of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Member of research team of more than 10 basic and applied research projects in the last five years.  



80 publications at Web of Science (WoS), more than 700 citations, h-index = 16

Selected publications

Chapters in books:

  1. Stráský, M. Janeček, I. Semenova, J. Čížek, K. Bartha, P. Harcuba, V. Polyakova, S. Gatina, Microstructure and lattice defects in ultra-fine grained biomedical α + β and metastable β Ti alloys, Book Title: Titanium in Medical and Dental Applications, Editors: F. H. Froes, M. Qian, Woodhead Publishing in Materials, Elsevier 2018
  2. Stráský, M. Janeček, P. Harcuba, D. Preisler, M. Landa, Biocompatible beta-Ti alloys with enhanced strength due to increased oxygen content, Book Title: Titanium in Medical and Dental Applications, Editors: F. H. Froes, M. Qian, Woodhead Publishing in Materials, Elsevier 2018

Papers in highly ranked journals:

  1. Stráský, M. Janeček, P. Harcuba, M. Bukovina, L. Wagner: The effect of microstructure on fatigue performance of Ti–6Al–4V alloy after EDM surface treatment for application in orthopaedics, Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomaterials, Vol. 4, 2011, 1955 – 1962
  2. Stráský, J. Havlíková, L. Bačáková, P. Harcuba, M. Mhaede, M. Janeček: Characterization of electric discharge machining, subsequent etching and shot-peening as a surface treatment for orthopaedic implants, Applied Surface Science, Vol. 281, 2013, 73 – 78
  3. Stráský, P. Harcuba, K. Václavová, K. Horváth, M. Landa, O. Srba, M. Janeček: Increasing strength of a biomedical Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr alloy by alloying with Fe, Si and O, Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomaterials, Vol. 71, 2017, 329 – 336
  4. Kopová, J. Stráský, P. Harcuba, M. Landa, M. Janeček, L. Bačáková: Newly developed Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta-Si-Fe biomedical beta titanium alloys with increased strength and enhanced biocompatibility, Materials Science and Engineering C, Vol. 60, 2016, 230-238
  5. Janeček, F. Nový, J. Stráský, P. Harcuba, L. Wagner: Fatigue endurance of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with electro-eroded surface for improved bone in-growth, Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomaterials, Vol. 4, 2011, 417 – 422
  6. Šmilauerová, V. Holý, P. Harcuba, J. Stráský, J. Stráská, M. Janeček, J. Pospíšil, R. Kužel, J. Ilavský: Ordered array of ω-particles in β-Ti matrix studied by small-angle X-ray scattering, Acta Materialia, 2014, Vol. 81, 2014, 71-82

Complete list of publications (Scopus)