Head of Department: David Stanovský
Vice-Head of Department:Jan Šťovíček
Scientific Secretary:Jan Žemlička
Secretary:Eva Ramešová

Study program coordinators:


  • published a list of world's top compuer scientists which includes 10 Czech researchers. Three of them participate in our study program Mathematics for IT – Tomáš Pajdla, Tomáš Mikolov, Jan Flusser, and one in the program Mathematical structures – Jan Kratochvíl.
  • Several new postdocs joined us within the past three months: Alessandro Fazzari, Francesco Genovese, Daniel Gil Muñoz, Aniket Shah, Eric Nathan Stucky, Błażej Żmija.
  • Josef Dvořák defended his PhD thesis Structural and categorical description of classes of abelian groups.
  • The next edition of the traditional departmental fall school will be held Nov 4-7, 2021, on Lucký vrch.
  • Antoine Mottet, our postdoctoral researcher working on the ERC grant of Libor Barto, received the annual Prize of the Bernard Bolzano Foundation for young mathematicians in Czechia.
  • Students of master and PhD degree can apply for a financial contribution for travels to conferences, research visits and summer schools. To apply, contact the administrator of the SVV project Jan Žemlička.

  • Magda Tinková defended her PhD thesis Arithmetic of number fields and generalized continued fractions and received the best evaluation grade for her GAUK project.
  • Grant Agency of Charles University GAUK evaluated the results of Magda Tinková's finished project Indecomposable integers and universal quadratic forms as exceptionally good. In this three year project in number theory, the team of Magda and four other students obtained interesting results concerning the arithmetic of cubic and biquadratic number fields.
  • Students of the Algebra Department were very successful in the Czecho-Slovak final of the student research competition SVOČ (section Mathematical structures): Matěj Doležálek won the 1st place for his work Quaternions and universal quadratic forms over number fields, and the 2nd place was shared by Žaneta Semanišinová (Paramedial quasigroups of prime and prime square order) and Ester Sgallová (Periodicity of Jacobi-Perron algorithm).