About department

Teaching and research activities of the Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM) are concentrated in optimization and operations research, geometry and topology, theory of graphs, algorithms and mathematical structures and related areas.

KAM emphasizes cutting-edge research on the high world-wide level and regularly updates its teaching activities for bachelor, magister and doctoral students. Magister and doctoral students of KAM traditionally participate in international research supported by numerous prestigious Czech and European grants coordinated by members of KAM.

KAM manages basic courses in Discrete Mathematics, Optimization, Algebra and Mathematical Analysis. The department also provide courses of new trends in Geometry and Algorithmic Game Theory as well as in Algorithms and Data Structures.

Partners: IUUK and DIMATIA

Notable activities

Events organized by our department include:

Location and entrance

  • The building is located on Malostranske namesti. It stands next to the St Nicholas Church.
  • The entrance to the building is directly from Malostranske namesti.
  • Department of Applied Mathematics is located on the second and third floor.
  • For an illustration see the map of Malostranske namesti.
  • For more details see travel instructions.


Secretary is located in a room no.222. The secretary should be present at her office in office hours. She can be present othertimes as well, but it is not guaranteed (she can work outside of the building). You can also contact secretary outside office hours via e-mail at secretary@kam.mff.cuni.cz.

Mon.   12:00 - 15:00
Thu.   12:00 - 15:00