Department of Applied Mathematics

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. The department is located in a historical building on Malá Strana in the heart of Prague. Our teaching and research activities are concentrated in discrete mathematics, geometry, theoretical computer science, operations research, optimization, and related areas.

Upcoming noon lectures


125. Mathemathical Colloquia - Andrew Granville - What is the role proof plays in pure mathematical research and will AI change that?, 9th of November 2023
Jirka Matoušek Prize - Jirka Matoušek Prize for the year 2023 was awarded to David Sychrovský, Gaurav Kucheriya and Tung Anh Vu. Congratulations!
Homonolo 2023 - Workshop will take place on 4-8. of December 2023 in Nová Louka.
KRECon 2023 - Conference titled The Future of Research(er) assesment was held between the 9. and 10. of November 2023 in Prague.
CoSP Workshop UNFINISHED  - The workshop took place on 6-8. of November 2023 in Prague.
Beautiful social machines II - A debate about artificial intelligence and algorithmic game theory took place on 31. of October 2023 in Brno.
124. Mathematical Colloquia - Luca Trevisan, Sparse Approximations of Graphs, Hypergraphs and Matrices, October 2, 2023
Gödel Prize - The 2023 Gödel Prize was awarded to Hans Raj Tiwary et al. Congratulations! (article)
- DIS 2023 - 6th International Conference on Dynamics of Information Systems was held in Prague at MFF UK on September 3-6 2023.
- 123. Mathematical Colloquia - William Cook, The Traveling Salesman Problem, April 6, 2023