Department of Applied Mathematics

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. The department is located in a historical building on Malá Strana in the heart of Prague. Our teaching and research activities are concentrated in discrete mathematics, geometry, theoretical computer science, operations research, optimization, and related areas.

Upcoming noon lectures


- Great success of prof. Kratochvíl - Jan Kratochvíl is one of top ten computer scientists in Czech Republic according to ranking. Congratulations!
- Neuron Prizes 2021 - Neuron Prize for Young Talented Scientists in the field of Computer Science was awarded to Martin Tancer. Congratulations!
- HOMONOLO 2021 - This year's HOMONOLO will take place between December 6 and 10.
- Graphs 2022 - Between 22nd and 25th July 2022, there will be 8th Czech-Slovak International Symposium on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms and Applications.
- Krásné společenské stroje - On 19th October, there is a discussion of five experts on artificial inteligence and algorithmic game theory organized by Learned Society of Czech Republic.
- CoSP REU 2021 - A group of five Czech students participates in Research Experiences for Undergraduates programme under the mentoring of researchers from Rutgers University and Princeton University.
- Jaroslav Heyrovský Prize - Bc. Marian Poljak was awarded Jaroslav Heyrovský Prize in the category Science by the rector of Charles University. The prize is awarded to excellent graduates for outstanding results in scholarly, research, sports, or cultural activities achieved during the course of study. Marian Poljak defended his bachelor's thesis "Computing and estimating ordered Ramsey numbers" last year under the supervision of RNDr. Martin Balko, Ph.D. In his thesis, he proved several new estimates about ordered Ramsey numbers and disproved a conjecture of Dhruv Rohatgi.
- Professor emeritus Karel Zimmermann - Prof. Karel Zimmermann was bestowed the title of professor emeritus of Charles University.
- MŠMT Prize 2020 - Jan Hubička was awarded with the Prize of Minister of Education for his results in the area of structural Ramsey theory. Congratulations!
- Interview with prof. Chvátal - Václav Chvátal returns to MFF as visiting professor.