PhD Studies

Department of Algebra welcomes PhD students interested to do research in the fields covered by our doctoral program P4M1 Algebra, number theory and mathematical logic. We offer several fully funded positions every year. The funding comes in two parts:

All information about the admission procedures can be found on the faculty website.

The core of the study is an individual study plan, concentrated on a joint research with your adviser. Therefore, getting a suitable adviser and research topic before the start of the studies is essential. Feel free to contact any of our faculty to inquire about the possibilities. The list of research topics covered by our department can be found in the section Research, contacts and specialization of our staff in the section People.

To become our student, we recommend the following procedure:

To finish the study, you have to pass the state doctoral exam and to defend your thesis. The expected length of the studies is 4 years (maximum 8 years).

PhD students can take advantage of subsidized meals, discounted public transport, the possibility of staying in student dormitories, and free "Czech as foreign language" classes. The national health insurance scheme covers our doctoral students. There are no tuition or fees for PhD students. The price level in Prague can be estimated at Numbeo. The amount of net 25000 CZK/month is sufficient for a comfortable student life in Prague.

Inquiries about our doctoral program are welcome. Please contact the head of the department David Stanovský, or the coordinator of the program Jan Krajíček.