Center for Foundations of Contemporary Computer Science

Centrum základů současné informatiky

Center for Foundations of Contemporary Computer Science is a research center funded for the period 2024-2029 by Charles University in program UNCE whose goal is to support young scientists. The prinipal investigator of the center is Michal Koucký. The center is hosted by the following departments:


The team of the center

Senior researchers

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Postdoc researchers

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Goals of the project

The objective of the center is to engage in top-quality research focused on emerging and challenging subjects in the foundations of computer science. Our primary areas of interest encompass innovative domains such as processing of big data, computational questions about society and nature, algorithmic game theory in connection with artificial intelligence and optimization. In addition to these cutting-edge fields, we will also collaborate with traditional areas like graph theory, combinatorics and probability. By leveraging global trends, we aim to identify and initiate additional new avenues of research.

Our goal is to establish a dynamic and vibrant community of exceptional young researchers who possess extensive international experience, contacts, and collaborations with leading research institutions and universities across the world. This concerted effort will inject fresh momentum into the field of computer science in the Czech Republic, contribute to the education of a new generation of researchers and educators, and reinforce the influential global standing of Charles University in the realm of computer science.