PhD projects & Funding

Types of project funding:

  • basic scholarship: all PhD students will receive for the 4-year duration of their studies a state-guaranteed stipend of net 11 000 CZK/month, which increases to net 12 500 CZK/month in the second year and finally to net 14 500 CZK/month after passing state doctoral exam. Is the basic scholarship enough?
  • grant supplements: individual grants can supplement the basic scholarship. Due to limited duration of grants (typically 3-5 years), the amount and duration of supplement differs and is indicated for each project. Extension of the supplement is not guaranteed.
  • fully-funded: the project offers net total funding at the minimal level of 22 000 CZK/month for the normal duration of PhD studies. Note that depending on the grant and institutional policies, the net income may be higher.

All students have the possibility to apply for additional independent funds for salary, travel, and equipment at the Grant Agency of the Charles University.

PhD students can take advantage of subsidized meals, discounted public transport, possibility of staying in student dormitories, and free "Czech as foreign language" classes. There are no tuition or fees for PhD students. The price level in Prague can be estimated at Numbeo.

All projects are now closed. This website will re-open in the Fall 2022.

Cosmology and ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Federico Urban (CEICO IP CAS)

Leaky quantum graphs

Pavel Exner (NPI CAS)

Preparation of CTA Observatory and early science

Petr Travnicek and Anabella Araudo (IP CAS)

Ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays with AugerPrime

Petr Travnicek, Alexey Yushkov or Martina Bohacova (IP CAS)

Extensive air showers as probes of hadronic interactions beyond the LHC energies

Eva Santos or Jakub Vícha or Jan Ebr or Vladimír Novotný (IP CAS)

Hunting dark energy with (stellar) astrophysics

Ippocratis Saltas (CEICO, IP CAS)

Testing fundamental physics with stars

Ippocratis Saltas (CEICO, IP CAS)

Classical and quantum aspects of black holes

David Kubiznak (ITP MFF CUNI, Perimeter Institute)

Formal String Field Theory

Theodore Erler (CEICO IP CAS)