Program Committee

doc. RNDr. Oldřich Semerák, Ph.D.
Chair of Doctoral studies board F1 – Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics

prof. RNDr. Pavel Krtouš, Ph.D.
Head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

doc. Mgr. Ondřej Pejcha, Ph.D.
Coordinating scientist

Bc. Lenka Knotková
Administrative support


Students who applied through this website starting from the year 2020.

Entering in 2023

Poula Tadros NashedEgyptianIvan Kolář (ITP MFF CUNI)Higher derivatives and nonlocality in gravity
Álvaro Rafael Martínez GómezEcuadorianVojtěch Witzany (ITP MFF CUNI)New horizons in back-reaction
Chiara BindiItalianJaroslav Haas (AI MFF CUNI)Star clusters and their evolution
David VokrouhlickýCzechConstantinos Skordis (CEICO IP CAS)Cosmological structure formation

Entering in 2022

Ujjwal AgarwalIndiaSante Carloni (ITP MFF CUNI)New theoretical frameworks for compact objects and their perturbations
Cynthia Belen Arias PrunaEcuadorDavid Kubizňák (ITP MFF CUNI)Hidden Symmetries and Black Hole Chemistry
Iris Bermejo LozanoSpainDaniela Korčáková (AI MFF CUNI)Circumstellar Matter of B-type Stars
Vinícius Bernardes da SilvaBrazilTheodore Erler (CEICO IP CAS)Formal String Field Theory
Despoina FarakouGreeceConstantinos Skordis (CEICO IP CAS)Cosmological effects of Dark Matter
Alberto Gálvez UreñaSpainFederico Urban (CEICO IP CAS)Cosmology and ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Mukeshkumar Prakash KhanoreIndiaVáclav Janiš (IP CAS)Renormalized perturbation theory of strongly correlated electrons: Critical phenomena in low-dimensional systems
Jana MenšíkováCzechiaDavid Kubizňák (ITP MFF CUNI)Classical and Quantum Aspects of Black Holes
Srija Reddy MuthyalaIndiaAnabella Araudo (IP CAS)Preparation of CTA observatory and early science
Shayoni PanjaIndiaAlexey Yushkov (CEICO IP CAS)Study of mass composition of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays using hybrid data of the Pierre Auger Observatory and AugerPrime

Entering in 2021

Angelica AlbertiniItalyGeorgios Loukes Gerakopoulus (AI CAS)Traces of chaos in gravitational waves from extreme mass ratio inspirals
Kunal BhardwajIndiaAsen Christov (IP CAS)Multi-messenger studies with Vera C. Rubin Observatory data
Jakub CehulaSlovakiaOndřej Pejcha (ITP MFF CUNI)Theory of binary star interactions
Suryani GuhaIndiaMichaela Kraus (AI CAS)Pulsations in evolved massive stars
Anthony KirilovBulgariaOndřej Pejcha (ITP MFF CUNI)Radiation hydrodynamics of transients associated with binary star interactions
Šimon KnoškaSlovakiaRobert Švarc (ITP MFF CUNI)Non-twisting geometries in general relativity and its extensions
David KokoškaCzechiaMarcello Ortaggio (IM CAS)Exact solutions of modified theories of gravity
Pavel KůsCzechiaFederico Urban (CEICO IP CAS)Pulsars as a cosmological tool
Anna MorozovaUkraineMartin Schnabl (CEICO IP CAS)Topics in open and closed string field theory
Shefali NegiIndiaJan Ebr (IP CAS)Non-invasive atmospheric monitoring not only for large observatories
Paolo RossiItalyJoris Raeymaekers (CEICO IP CAS)Holography in three dimensions
Florian RougeSwitzerlandMartin Schnabl (CEICO IP CAS)Applied string field theory
Kuljeet SaddalIndiaDieter Nickeler (AI CAS)Astrospheres – stellar wind bubbles as topological borders to the interstellar medium
Nikolaos SamarasGreecePavel Kroupa (AI MFF CUNI)The origin of galaxies
Hanjie TanChinaJosef Ďurech (AI MFF CUNI)Reconstruction of asteroid physical properties from large sky surveys
Henriette WirthGermanyLadislav Šubr (AI MFF CUNI)The stellar populations of globular clusters

Entering in 2020

Srinivasan AravindhanIndiaMarcello Ortaggio (IM CAS)Gravity in higher dimensions
Claudia CaputoItalyOldřich Semerák (ITP MFF CUNI)Geodesic chaos in perturbed black-hole fields
Nicholas CarabineUKRenann Lipinski Jusinskas (CEICO IP CAS)Superstring vertex operators in AdS backgrounds
Camille LandriFranceOndřej Pejcha (ITP MFF CUNI)Theory and observations of two stars undergoing strong interaction or merger
Milan PeštaSlovakiaOndřej Pejcha (ITP MFF CUNI)Illuminating binary star evolution with observed populations and theoretical modeling
Vajiheh Sabz AliIranRichard Wünsch (AI CAS)Modelling optically dark clouds in clusters of galaxies
Marko ŠegonCroatiaJiří Borovička (AI CAS)Composition of cometary dust from fireball observations
Özlem TaspinarTurkeyOldřich Semerák (ITP MFF CUNI)Acceleration of particles in black-hole backgrounds
Georg TrenklerAustriaIgnacy Wolak-Sawicki (CEICO IP CAS)Testing gravity with cosmology
George TurnerUKVojtěch Pravda (IM CAS)Exact solutions in extended theories of gravity
Anastasiya YilmazTurkeyJiří Svoboda (AI CAS)Accretion states of black holes across their mass