Turán density of long tight cycle minus one hyperedge

Jozsef Balogh

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

July 16, 2024, 12:20 in S6


Denote by $C_\ell^-$ the $3$-uniform hypergraph obtained by removing one hyperedge from the tight cycle on $\ell$ vertices. It is conjectured that the Tur\'a density of $C_5^-$ is $1/4$. In this paper, we make progress toward this conjecture by proving that the Tur\'an density of $C_\ell^-$ is $1/4$, for every sufficiently large $\ell$ not divisible by $3$. One of the main ingredients of our proof is a forbidden-subhypergraph characterization of the hypergraphs, for which there exists a tournament on the same vertex set such that every hyperedge is a cyclic triangle in this tournament.

A byproduct of our method is a human-checkable proof for the upper bound on the maximum number of almost similar triangles in a planar point set, which was recently proved using the method of flag algebras by Balogh, Clemen, and Lidick\'y.

Joint work with Haoran Luo.