Program Overview

We accept applications for PhD projects in biophysics, physical chemistry and chemical physics, macromolecular physics, and also projects in biochemistry, macromolecular chemistry, microbiology or biological directions of medical research that include the use of physical methods and/or models.

The program prepares specialists qualified for an independent basic or applied research work in the interdisciplinary fields at the border on physics, chemistry and biology. They get deep knowledge of relevant physical experimental and theoretical methods as well as the acquaintance with fundamentals of chemistry (biology) necessary for their integration to research teams with chemical or biological orientation.

Applications collected through this website will be used to match candidates with PhD advisors and to determine project funding. All selected candidates will have to pass through the regular admission procedure of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. All candidates admitted for PhD will be students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University.

PhD projects will be carried out at one of the collaborating institutions in Prague, Czechia:

Listing of PhD projects and information on funding can be found at PhD Projects & Funding.

Information on how to apply can be found at Application.

Please consult Frequently Asked Questions for important information and more details.