Travel to/from Prague

Prague can be reached easily by plane, train or car from all major European cities. The Václav Havel Airport Prague is situated 12 km from the city centre. All railway stations are connected to the Metro (Underground).

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Public transportation

Travelling by city transport is only possible with a valid ticket. Passengers have to obtain their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system (in buses, the tickets can also be purchased by the driver). There are the same tickets for trams, buses and Metro and can be purchased at all Metro stations, selected newsstands, travel bureau, etc. Single tickets can also be purchased from the slot machines located at each Metro station.
One transfer ticket costs either 24 CZK (valid 30 minutes after stamping) or 32 CZK (valid 90 minutes after stamping). A 24 hrs. ticket costs 110 CZK, a 72 hrs. ticket 310 CZK.

The Prague Metro network consists of 3 lines designated by letters and differentiated in colour. Metro operates daily from 5:00 to 24:00. The time interval between trains is approximately 2-3 minutes during the workday rush hours and about 10 minutes during the off-peak hours.

Trams and buses
The usual daytime operation of trams is from 4:30 to 24:00. The time interval between trams is approximately 5-10 minutes during the workday rush hours and 15-20 minutes during the off-peak hours. Nighttime operation is from 24:00 to 4:30. The central transfer station for nighttime lines is the Lazarska stop. The schedules are located at individual stops.

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The Symposium venue is easily reachable by municipal transport – by the underground line "A" to the station "Malostranská" and then 1 stop (2 minutes) by trams Nr. 12, 20, 22 to the tram stop "Malostranské náměstí”.


Prague is situated in Central Europe that has a mild and continental climate. The weather is usually very nice in September. The average daytime temperatures are usually above 20 °C.


The official currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). An approximate exchange rate is USD 1 = 24 CZK, EUR 1 = 27 CZK.


The participants, who need the entrance visa to the Czech Republic, can request from the Organizing Committee of ISPMA 15 an official invitation letter confirming that their contribution has been accepted for presentation at ISPMA 15.


The Organising Committee of ISPMA 15 does not arrange the accommodation of Symposium participants.



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