Application deadline: December 1 2021

Applicants must have a degree equivalent to MSc in Physics, Mathematics or Earth Sciences before the start of the appointment.

The applicants are expected to possess knowledge in mathematics and physics at the Master’s degree level and relevant to atmospheric research, as well as knowledge of modelling, data processing and good programming skills. A background in meteorology and/or climatology is also expected. In case an applicant specialized in other research fields related to atmospheric/climate studies, some of the basic knowledge might also be acquired during the Ph.D. study.

For more details on eligibility, application and admission procedure, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Please send your application including the following information:

  • Academic CV and a pdf of your diplomas including (link to) Bc and MSc theses
  • Transcripts of all courses and grades highlighting topics related to meteorology, air quality, climate modeling, or atmospheric physics
  • Specification of programming and language skills
  • List of publications (if any)
  • List of research projects (if any)
  • Statement describing past research experience and future plans, research interests and career goals, and indicating why you are interested in the position
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Date of expected award of MSc degree in case of unfinished MSc studies

General requirements:

  • Master-of-Science-equivalent degree in meteorology and/or environmental physics with fulfilled courses related to the research project
  • The candidate should have good experience in Unix / Linux working environments and programming skills in Python
  • Strong communication in the English language (spoken and written)

Applicants should clearly indicate the subject areas or specific projects of interest. Please feel free to select multiple areas or projects.


Please send your application to