Wednesday, June 16
Wed., June 16 Plenary session  
ZOOM    Chairman: Prof. Z. Nemecek    
9:00 Rokyta M. and Franc J. 
(Dean and Vicedean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
9:10 f12 Pschotnerova P. O Physics Education in Upper Secondary Schools
Wed., June 16 Symposium Physics of Plasma and Ionized Media
Room 1   Chairmen: Doc. F. Nemec, Prof. Z. Nemecek    
9:30 f2 Kolinska A., Kolmasova I., Santolik O., Defer E., and Pedeboy S. O Properties of Electromagnetic Signals Generated During the Development of Natural Lightning Discharges
9:50 f2 Gohl S., Nemec F. O Variations of Energetic Particle Fluxes Around Significant Geomagnetic Storms Observed by the Low-altitude DEMETER Spacecraft
10:10 f2 Salohub A., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z. O Low-frequency Fluctuations in the Foreshock: Effect of the Lunar Wake
10:30 f2 Frantsuzov V. А., Shustov P. I., Artemyev A. V. O Whistler Wave Instability in Multi-component Electron Plasma of the Earth’s Magnetosphere
10:50 Break
Room 1   Chairmen:  Doc. R. Plasil, Dr. P. Dohnal, Dr. S. Roucka    
11:10 f2 Kamaletdinov S., Vasko I., Artemyev A. O On Slow Electron Holes in the Earth’s Magnetosphere
11:30 f2 Peterka M., Seidl J., Casolari A., Jaulmes F., Tomes M., Zadvitskiy G., Bogar K. O Understanding the Plasma Rotation in the COMPASS Tokamak
11:50 f2 Matveeva E., Artola F. J., Havlicek J., Lehnen M., Pitts R., Roccella R., Adamek J., Cavalier J., Dejarnac R., Jerab M., Sestak D., Barton P. O Current Flows Towards the Divertor During VDEs at COMPASS
12:10 f2 Tomes M., Lovell J., Neverov V. S., Carr M., Meakins M., Giroud C., Sos M. O Raysect and Cherab Framework for Forward Modelling of Optical Plasma Diagnostics
12:30 f2 Barton P., Zelda J., Sestak D., Zhang H., Ficker O., Varju J., Havlicek J. P Design of COMPASS-U Support Structure Cooling
f2 Imrisek M., Weinzettl V, Jaulmes F., Bogar K., Seidl J., Tomes M., Bilkova P., Hron M. P Characterisation of Sawtooth Instability at COMPASS
f2 Kripner L., Krbec J., Hacek P., Markovic T., Ficker O., COMPASS team P Magnetic Field Coils Misaligments on the COMPASS-U Tokamak
f2 Markovic T., Kindl V., Duran I., Turjanica P., Balner V., Weinzettl V. P Lumped Circuit Model for Eddy Currents in Tokamak Passive Structures
13:00 Lunch Break
Room 1   Chairmen:  Dr. J. Vaverka, Dr. L. Nouzak, Dr. G. Pi    
13:30 f2 Uvarova L., Rednyk S., Plasil R., Roucka S., Dohnal P., Glosik J. O Study of Rotational Populations of OH Anions in 22-pole Radiofrequency Ion Trap in the Temperature Range of 50–200 K
13:50 f2 Turek Z., Kudrna P. O Study of Nanoparticles in the Hollow Cathode System with Laser Beam Scattering
14:10 f2 Tuholukov A., Stelmashuk V. O Facilitation of the Underwater Discharge Initiation with the Use of a Marx Generator
14:30 f2 Mishra H., Kudrna P., Tichy M. O Analytical Evaluation of Plasma Parameters by Optical Emission Spectroscopy in Low-pressure Hollow Cathode Plasma Jet and Planar Magnetron System by DC and Pulsed DC Excitation Source
14:50 f2 Abushzade I., Yushkov E. P Small-scale Kazantsev Dynamo-model in the Frame of Turbulent Cascade Approach
f2 Allahverdiyev R. R., Yushkov E. V., Sokoloff D. D. P Mean Field Dynamo-model in Locally Anisotropic Inhomogeneousturbulent Flow
f2 Durovcova T., Safrankova J., Nemecek Z. P Study of Alpha Particle Properties Across Rarefaction Regions
f2 Ijaz S., Vaverka J. P Detection of Dust Grains by MAVEN Using Electric Field Instruments
f2 Gabriel V., Kocan P., Setvin M., Redondo J. P Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Polaronic Diffusion in Titanium Doped Hematite
f2 Lacko M., Spanel P., P Kinetic of Ion Molecular Interaction Simulator
f2 Tuharin K., Kudrna P., Tichy M. P Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Based on Iron Oxide and Sulfide Films
f2 Palacky J., Rednyk S., Roucka S. P Ion Trap Study of the Isotope Exchange Reaction of OH– with HD
f2 Rednyk S., Plasil R., Roucka S., Glosik J. P Ion Trap Study of the C2+ Reaction with H2, HD, D2, CO, N2, and O2 at Low Temperatures
f2 Shapko D., Dohnal P., Roucka S., Uvarova L., Kassayova M., Plasil R., Glosik J. P Recombination of H3+ Ions with Electrons in Ambient Neon Gas
16:00 End of Session, Live Poster Discussion 
Wed., June 16 Symposium Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials Research
Physics of Nanostructures
Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces
Room 2   Chairmen: Doc. R. Kral, Doc. M. Cieslar    
9:30 f3 Kralik R., Krivska B., Belejova S., Bajtosova L. O A Study of Modern Al-Li Based Alloys
9:50 f3 Krivska B., Slapakova M., Kralik R., Fekete K., Grydin O., Stolbchenko M., Schaper M. O Growth Kinetics of Intermetallic Compounds in Al–Steel Clad Sheet
10:10 f3 Ritzinger P. O Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Systems with Non-collinear Magnetic Order
10:30 Break
Room 2   Chairmen: Doc. J. Kalbacova Vejpravova, Dr. M. Dopita    
10:50 f3 Stasko D. O Crystallographic and Electronic Properties of Rare-earth A2B2O7 Oxides Under Extreme Conditions
11:10 f3 Kral P., Prchal J., Kastil J., Klicpera M., Divis M. O Pressure-driven structural and magnetic transformations in 221 intermetallics
11:30 f3 Marek S., Korytar R. O Comparison of GW Variants for Sodium Nanoclusters
11:50 f13 Degtev I. O Mixed Dimensional Metallophtalocyanine-2D Material Heterojunctions
12:10 f13 Gupta S. O Structural and Optical Study of Zinc Sulphide Quantum Dots
12:30 Lunch Break
Room 2   Chairmen: Doc. J. Myslivecek, Dr. V. Johanek    
13:30 f5 Fusek L., Kastenmeier M., Fromm L., Franz E., Gorling A., Brummel O., Myslivecek J., Libuda J. O Phosphonic Acid Anchored Porphyrins on Atomically Defined Cobalt Oxide Surfaces: In-situ Infrared Spectroscopy at the Electrified Solid/Liquid Interface
13:50 f5 Samal P. K., Fusek L. ,Kerestes J., Khalakhan I., Myslivecek J. O A Study on the Influence of CeO2 Particle Size in CeO2/Pt(111) Inverse Model Electrocatalyst on its Electrochemical Stability
14:10 f5 Uvarov V., Samal P. K., Myslivecek J., Johanek V. O Preparation and Properties of Pt/Co3O4(111) Thin Film Catalyst
14:30 f6 Hrabovsky J., Kubat J., Myslivecek J., Veis M. O Thin Epitaxial Films of CeO2 for Optics and Opto-electronic Applications
14:50 f5 Pinar A. O The Use of Organometallic Functionalized tips in Scanning Tunneling Microscope
15:10 Break
Room 2   Chairmen: Dr. I. Khalakhan, Dr. P. Matvija    
15:30 f5 Nedumkulam H. O Perovskites and Metal Hexacyanoferrates Incorporated with N-doped Carbon Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
15:50 f5 Kalinovych V., Piliai L., Kosto Y., Matolinova I., Matolin V., Skala T., Prince K. C., Tsud N. O Thermally Stimulated Decomposition of Phenylphosphonic Acid on Cu(111)
16:10 f5 Mohandas Sandhya A. L., Khalakhan I., Xie X. O PtAu Thin Film Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
16:30 f5 Darabut A. M., Lobko Y., Yakovlev Y., Gamon Rodriguez M., Matolin V. P Scaling-up of the Epoxy Resin/Graphites Composites Bipolar Plates for PEMFCs
f5 Piliai L.,Vorokhta M., Matvija P., Skala T., Khalakhan I., Matolinova I. P Effect of Ceria Stoichiometry and Morphology on Gold Nanoparticles in the Model Au/CeO2 Catalyst for CO Oxidation Reaction
16:45 End of Session, Live Poster Discussion 
Wed., June 16 Symposium Biophysics, Chemical and Macromolecular Physics
Room 3   Chairmen: Doc. L. Hanykova, Dr. O. Marsalek    
9:30 f4 Hanykova L., Krakovsky I., Ivaniuzhenkov V. O Dual-responsive Polymer Hydrogels with Double-network Structure
9:50 f4 Beck H. O Committee Neural Network Potentials in Molecular Dynamics
10:10 f4 Beran P., Veis L. O Projection-based Embedding of DMRG Method in DFT
10:30 f4 Matousek M., Veis L. O Applications of the Density Matrix Renormalization Group Method
10:50 Break
Room 3   Chairmen: Doc. P. Mojzes, Dr. O. Marsalek    
11:10 f4 Brezina K. O Radically Different Behavior of the Solvated Benzene Radical Anion
11:30 f4 Blanco Campoy D. G., Zakar T., Cifra M. O Effect of Intense Short Electric Pulses on Protein Nanostructures
11:50 f4 Bokov M., Mojzes P. O Microcrystalline Inclusions of Biogenic Guanine in Algae: Presence, Properties and Functions
12:10 Lunch Break
Room 3   Chairmen: Doc. J. Psencik, Dr. J. Pfleger    
13:30 f4 Malina T., Koehorst R., Bina D., Psencik J, van Amerongen H. O Superradiance in Bacteriochlorophyll c Aggregates
13:50 f4 Sachl R, Cujová S, Vandana, Riegerová P, Kapusta P, Muller H.M., Steringer J.P., Hof M, Nickel W O Formation of Transmembrane Pores in Lipid Membranes: Dual(1+) FCS Approach
14:10 f4 Chmelova B., Davidovic D., Sachl R. O Membrane Asymmetry and Nanodomain Coupling
14:30 f4 Fatkova K. O Estimating the Quantum Yield of Singlet Fission Process
14:50 f4 Pandey A., Bober P., Pfleger J. O Metallization of Polypyrrole-coated Textiles
15:10 f4 Panthi Y. R., Pfleger J., Vyprachticky D., Rais D., Thottapali M. A., Pandey A., Foulger S. H. P Rewritable Memory Device in poly[N-(3-(9H-carbazole-9-yl)propyl)methacrylamide] with Pendant Carbazole Groups
f4 Thottappali M. A., Rais D., Pfleger J. P Quantum Beats in Transient Absorption of Bis(thienyl)diketopyrrolopyrrole Thin Films
f4 Charyshnikova Z. P Luminescence Properties of Water-soluble Europium Complex at Different pH?
15:40 End of Session, Live Poster Discussion 
Thursday, June 17
Thu., June 17 Symposium Particle and Nuclear Physics
Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Room 1   Chairmen: Dr. M. Zdrahal, Dr. M. Rybar    
9:00 f9 Biros M., Reznicek P. O Search for New Physics with the ATLAS Detector
9:20 f9 Matus F. O Geodesic Paths in the Lipkin–Meshkov–Glick Model
9:40 f1 Segon M. O Composition of Cometary Dust from Fireball Spectroscopy
10:00 f1 Podgorny J., Dovciak M., Marin F., Matt G., Goosmann R., Rożańska A. O X-ray Polarisation of Black-hole Accretion Discs in Active Galactic Nuclei
10:20 Break
Room 1   Chairmen: Dr. D. Kofron, Dr. D. Heyrovsky    
10:40 f1 Caputo C., Semerak O. O Geodesic Chaos Around Perturbed Black Holes
11:00 f1 Pesta M. O Minimal Mass Ratio of Contact Binaries
11:20 f1 Landri C. O OGLE-BLG504.12.201843: An Extreme Dwarf Nova
11:40 f1 Yilmaz A., Svoboda J. O Evolution of Accretion States in Stellar-Mass Black Hole X-ray Binaries
12:00 Break
Room 1   Chairmen: Dr. O. Pejcha, Dr. O. Svitek     
12:20 f1 Sabzali V., Wunsch R. O Optically Dark Clouds in the Cluster of Galaxies
12:40 f1 Bezdekova B., Balek V., Bicak J. O On the Light Rays Propagating in Plasma Medium Around Relativistic Objects
13:00 f1 Turner G. O A Review of Spherically Symmetric Solutions in Quadratic Gravity
13:20 f1 Carabine N. O Vertex Operators in Ambitwistor Strings
13:40 f1 Creminelli P., Tambalo G., Vernizzi F., Yingcharoenrat V., Sawicki I., Trenkler G. O Consequences of Gravitational Wave Observations on Dark Energy
14:00 End of Session
Thu., June 17 Symposium Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology
Room 2   Chairmen: Dr. P. Huszar, Dr. M. Benda    
9:00 f8 Radović J. O Urban Climate: A Literature Review
9:20 f8 Shilenje Z. W. O Localized Seasonal to Decadal Climate Prediction — Downscaling in High Resolution over Central Europe
9:40 f8 Dhib S. O Projected Climate Change Indices over Prague Using CMIP5
10:00 f8 Bartik L., Huszar P., Vlcek O., Eben K. O Sensitivity of Secondary Inorganic Aerosol Concentrations to Precursor Emissions and Inorganic Aerosol Modules in CAMx over Central Europe
10:20 f8 Liaskoni M., Bartik L., Huszar P. O Modeling the Contribution of Regional Wind-blown Dust Emissions to Urban and Rural PM Levels over Central Europe
10:40 End of Session
Thu., June 17 Symposium Quantum Optics and Optoelectronics
Room 2   Chairmen: Doc. E. Belas, Dr. V. Dedic    
11:00 f6 Morzhuk B. O Optical Gating of Epitaxial Graphene Grown on 6H Silicon Carbide Substrate
11:20 f6 Shestopalov M. O Crucible Initialisation and Enhancement for Graphene Growth
11:40 f6 Betusiak M. O Charge Transport in Halide Semiconductors
12:00 f6 Peterka P., Kozak M. O High Harmonic Generation in Nanostructures
12:20 End of Session