Call for Post-doctoral position
in the area of Ultra-fast scintillation materials

Post-doc position for one-year period from 1st January 2018

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague

Research Project

Inorganic scintillators are used in detection of high energy radiation in many sectors of fundamental and applied research, in medical diagnostic systems that use X-rays or gamma rays, for detection of high energy particles, and in many industrial systems. The research project is focusing on a new class of ultra-fast scintillation materials and development of novel systems designed particularly for fast electron detection and medical diagnostic. In novel high resolution 2D-imaging scintillation systems, high quality epitaxial films are the key issue.

A post-doctoral research fellow will join existing projects focusing on scintillation properties of epitaxial layers of complex oxide systems. In this work optical, luminescence, scintillation, and kinetic properties will be studied in single crystalline films of scintillation materials doped with rare earth and transition metal ions. The program will be particularly oriented to:

  • Development of technology strategies for preparation of ultra-fast scintillation materials
  • Synthesis and growth of epitaxial films of rare-earth doped garnets, perovskites, or orthosilicates, development of novel material systems designed for scintillation applications
  • The research includes analysis of experimental data using numerical analysis software, modeling of experimental data

An applicant should have PhD. in physics, material science, optoelectronics, or related discipline. Previous experience with scintillators and/or luminescence spectroscopy, luminescence kinetics is advantage. Informal inquiries concerning the position and detailed program are welcome.

Contact person: Doc. Miroslav Kučera, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Applicants should submit:

Deadline date: July 21, 2017

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