Theoretical spectroscopy of molecular continuum states probed by electron scattering and photoionization

Advisor: Zdeněk Mašín (ITP MFF CUNI)

Funding: Fully funded



Our group studies electron and photon collisions with molecules using state of art ab initio computational techniques ( We’re interested in understanding multi-electron dynamics in molecules triggered by electrons and single- and multi-photon ionization. This includes understanding formation of scattering resonances and their effect on nuclear dynamics. The possible projects range from application and development of R-matrix codes for analysis of inelastic (core-excited) scattering resonances in monomers and dimers to time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of various molecules. The projects will be carried out in collaboration with experimental groups in Czech Republic and in the UK.

The student will be trained in scattering theory and photoionization, high performance computing and will have an opportunity to interact with experimentalists on analysis and interpretation of their data.

This project is suitable for an enthusiastic student who is keen to study in detail quantum physics of collision processes and quantum chemistry and would enjoy developing and running codes on supercomputers and participate in international collaborations.

Electron and photon collisions with atoms and molecules