Leaky quantum graphs

Advisor: Pavel Exner (NPI CAS)

Funding: Fully funded

Website: http://gemma.ujf.cas.cz/~exner/

Contact: exner@ujf.cas.cz

Quantum mechanics of particles confined to network-shaped regions – usually referred to as quantum waveguides or quantum graphs - attracted a lot of attention in the last three decades, both as a source of applications and of deep insigths into propertis of quantum theory [1-3].

Most of then the confinement in these models is "hard", so that quantum tuneling between different parts of the structure is neglected. A more realistic approach is to consider "leaky" structures in which we have a newtwork of potential "ditches", in the simplest case singular, delta-type ones. It is know that the geometry of the structure gives rise to an effective interation leading to spectral properties which defy our intuition based on macroscopic world experience [3, Chap. 10].

At the same time, may questions remain open, for instance

  • properties of the spectrum in terms of the system geometry
  • asymptotic expansions
  • spectral optimization problems
  • magnetic field effects
  • relativistic dynamics of this type

and many others. For inquiries you may use the e-mail address given above.


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