Formal String Field Theory

Advisor: Theodore Erler (CEICO IP CAS)

Funding: Fully funded


String field theory is a formalism which attempts to recast string theory as a theory of the dynamics of spacetime (or appropriate generalization thereof), rather than a theory of 1-dimensional objects moving in a predetermined spacetime. The theory is challenging to study, but has led to useful insights into a number of issues, especially in recent years a rigorous formulation of string perturbation theory.

My work focuses on improving the theoretical understanding of string field theory. Interests include the formulation of new string field theories, especially for the superstring; finding connections between known string field theories; development of techniques which simplify evaluation of the action; background independence, especially in the open string sector; analytic classical solutions in open string field theory; developing a better understanding of the open string star algebra; time dependent solutions and closed strings in open string field theory. A PhD project with me would focus on these and related questions.

In our group, Martin Schnabl is also a world-renowned expert on string field theory. His expertise and interest is stronger in advanced conformal field theory and numerical methods. But we have overlapping interests and sometimes collaborate, and he would also be an important resource in PhD studies.