Cosmology and ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Advisor: Federico Urban (CEICO IP CAS)

Funding: Fully funded


The origin of cosmological Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECRs) is still unknown: we do not know where they come from, nor whether they are protons or heavy nuclei; their sources have not been identified all models of particle acceleration in known astrophysical objects are challenged by the existence of particles with energies exceeding 100 EeV [1]. The most likely possibility is that UHECRs are produced by extra-Galactic sources that trace the distribution of cosmological Large Scale Structures: this correlation is elusive but could end the quest for their origin [2]. The same tests and techniques can be applied to cosmological neutrinos, gamma rays, gravitational waves, and more.

We seek a PhD student interested in working on the interface between UHECRs and cosmology, in a broadly defined sense. The student could be focussing on several aspects related to UHECRs anisotropy, which involve learning and working with publicly available codes, writing new code, studying the behaviour of UHECRs in Galactic and extra-Galactic magnetic fields, model and test possible correlations of UHECRs with other messengers, such as neutrinos, high-energy photons, gravitational waves, and more.


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