Room reservation

Respirium is a space in the basement of the Karlín MFF building, intended exclusively for students and employees of the MFF, especially for activities related to teaching or related to it.

Respirium can also be used for other events organized by members of the academic community of the mathematics section of the MFF UK. Registration and reservation of such events (hereinafter referred to as "planned events") is performed by H. Jandová (KPMS) at: The planned events are subject to the approval of the Vice-Dean for the School of Mathetmatics.

Respirium is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, but must be released no later than 15 minutes before the start of each planned event. Respirium is not intended for long-term storage of personal belongings.

Wireless internet (Eduroam) is available in Respirium. For the needs of Respirium users, there is also a kettle, microwave, and a basic set of dishes in the cupboard by the courtyard door. Spare markers on the board can be picked up at the gatehouse of the Karlín building.

Respirium reservation

Guest rooms are used to accommodate foreign guests

Reservation of the guest room