Teaching arrangement

The arrangement of unscheduled courses of Department of Algebra will take place in the seminar room of Department of Algebra (No.334) on Wednesday, February 19, at 14:00

Courses to be scheduled:

• Representation Theory of Finite-Dimensional Algebras

• Lattice Theory 2

• Modular forms and L-functions II

• Commutative Algebra 2

• An introduction to algebraic number theory

• Seminar for preparing students for CTF contents

• Seminar on Mathematics Inspired by Cryptography

• MMIS Elective 1 (Basics of electrical engineering, digital technology, microchip programming)

• Cryptanalysis Upon the Level of Instructions

• Students' Seminar on Algebra

• Seminar on Elementary Number Theory

• Student Number Theory Seminar

• MSTR Elective Seminar