Computer laboratory Karlov

Current information

We are looking for new services. Interested parties, report to the lab administrator.

Basic information

UkazateleThe Karlov Computer Laboratory (PLK) is located in the basement of the Ke Karlovu 3 building, door number M -145 (36).
GPS +50°4'10.86"N, +14°25'41.75"E 

TelefonThe phone number for the laboratory is +420-221911319 

InfoThe department ensuring the operation of the laboratory is the IS/IT division (PSíK).
The administrator of the laboratory is Pavel Zakouřil

The operation of PLK is governed by the following documents:

  1. Statute of Computer Laboratory Karlov
  2. Principles for operation and use of computer technology connected to the MFF UK network 
  3. Obligations of services in PLK.
  4. Access to computer laboratories and setting up a computer account at the Charles University MFF for students from other Charles University faculties.

Information for users

Creating accounts

User accounts for MFF students are created (and canceled) automatically together with the study. Accounts for other users are set up by the PLK administrator (see also Access to computer laboratories and setting up a computer account at the MFF UK for students from other faculties of the Charles University). Login names (eg. novakj) and passwords are used the same as users set in CAS. No matter how the login name appears, we recommend that you always type it in lowercase.

Server addresses and access options

The laboratory uses the services of three servers:

  1. faculty-wide student repository, on which user data is stored,
  2. a local server, that is accessible via SSH from around the world and
  3. the local server, where some of the Windows software is stored.

In Windows, the My Documents folder is redirected to the user's home directory in the student repository. This home directory is also mapped as a disk (H:). In Linux, users' home directories are located on a server, ; in the home directory, users always find a link  Dokumenty (or su) that points to their home directory in the student repository. Large temporary files can be stored on a local disk (in Windows D:, in Linux LINUXTMP), but maintaining the files in this place is not guaranteed.

Email address

In case of interest, any PLK user can obtain an e-mail address in the form, ask the administrator. You can read more about the properties of this e-mail account at

Basic rules

  • It is not allowed to disconnect the cabling connecting computers, monitors and the electrical and computer network, or otherwise improperly manipulate the technical equipment of the laboratory.
  • It is not allowed to interfere with SETUP stations and boot from own media.
  • Except for the examples, copying the installed software is not permitted.
  • Software other than that installed may only be used with the consent of the laboratory administrator.

Paid services

The only paid service in the lab is printing. The price is governed by the faculty Price List of Works, Services and Materials, but usually includes a 50% discount and amounts to CZK 1,- per sheet printed in black only or CZK 3,- per sheet printed in color (regardless of the level of color use). The price of double-sided and single-sided printing is the same.


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Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Praha 2, Czech Republic
VAT ID: CZ00216208

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